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The Bank of Mum & Dad & Funding Property Purchases

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Webinar Presented by: Gill Steel, Owner/Director, LawSkills Ltd
Premier trainer in Wills, Probate, Trusts, Tax & Elderly Client

1 hour – SRA Statement of Competence A2



To discuss the fact that the Bank of Mum & Dad is the UK’s 10th largest lender and consider the advice clients need before embarking upon helping their children onto the property ladder.


Participants will be able to discuss the practicalities with their clients.


  • Introduction
    • The importance of putting the arrangement into writing
    • Tax considerations
    • Asset protection
  • Options
    • Buying a second property in parents’ names
    • Purchasing a property jointly with their child
    • Taking on responsibility for 3rd party mortgage repayments
    • Gifting the child the funds to buy the property in their own name
    • Lending funds to the child to purchase the property
    • Using a trust to purchase the property


tower street financeThis webinar is sponsored by Tower Street Finance, an inheritance lending specialist that offers accessible financial products for inheritance beneficiaries, executors of estates and administrators.